Now We Need Your Help to Grow!
Posted: Friday December 1st, 2006

It's Official, the Cross Timbers Food Coop is Up and Running Now We Need Your Help to Grow!
The Cross Timbers Food Coop is needing people interested in local sustainabilty to get involved in our member owned food coop.
Do you have an hour or two a month that you can donate to support sustainability in the North Texas area? Then come join our fun bunch of like minded people at the Cross Timbers Food Coop !
The Cross Timbers Food Cooperative is committed to developing a self- reliant, self-empowering community, by offering a retail exchange to the North Texas region for goods and services which are grown, produced, traded, and distributed locally, in a sustainable, equitable, and responsible manner.
We operate our coop autonomously, independently, efficiently, and transparently; and pledge to maintain a supportive environment that fosters goodwill, cooperation, and participation among our members, staff, other cooperatives, and the community at large. We value the opinions and voices of all our members.
For more on our Vision go to .

Did you know that the Cross Timbers Food Coop is officially incorporated by the State of Texas?
For more information about us visit our homepage at or email Monika Antonelli at
You can talk with members online by joining our Yahoo group at
Stay tuned for announcements on our next meeting!


How to order
Posted: Monday September 11th, 2006

The Cross Timbers Food Co-op is now taking orders for the September cycle (delivery on Saturday, September 23rd).
Orders can be placed through Saturday, September 16th.

Here's how to order:
1. Go to to see what's for sale.
2. Copy and paste your order into an email that is addressed to
3. Subtotal the amounts.
4. Add 5% (or .05) to the order for the coop processing fee.
5. Send email to
6. CTFC will verify the order against what is available and send you a receipt by return email.
7. At this point, payment options are PayPal, personal check, and money order.

- To pay via PayPal:
* Log into your account and click on the send money button.
* The crosstimbers id for payment is

- To pay with check or money order:
* Send a check payable to "Cross Timbers Food Co-op" to Cross Timbers Food Co-op, P.O. Box 565, Denton, Texas, 76202.
* Payment must be *received* (not postmarked) by delivery day, Saturday, 23 September.
9. Come to the Secret Headquarters on Saturday, 23 September, to pick up your order.



September Order Cycle
Posted: Saturday August 19th, 2006

We are on track for a successful September order cycle! With or without the software, Cross Timbers will be up an running. A huge thanks to Martin, Lynn, Rodney, Sherri, Monika, Richard, Wylie, and everyone else who had a hand in getting us this far. And a special thanks to Bob Waldrop of the Oklahoma Food Cooperative. His guidance and advice has been much appreciated.

Here is the schedule:
Sat, 9/9: Ordering opens
Sat, 9/16: Ordering closes
Sat, 9/23: Distribution day!

Distribution Day will be at Secret Headqurters, 210 E. Hickory, in Denton (that is 1 block east of the square).

Producers, bring your wares between 10am and noon (the earlier the better). Consumers, pick up your orders between noon and 2pm. We need to be cleaned up and out before 3pm.

Special note to producers:
To participate in this order cycle, you must have your application complete and submitted as soon as possible. We've got to have time to post your products to the site. This may take up to a week with everybody's busy schedule.

Special note to everybody:
For Distribution Day, we'll need plenty of volunteers. This is our first go. There may be an unexpected hitch or two, but we'll all have fun. There'll be food to sample and socializing to do. It'll be a community effort... a barn raisin'... we're getting our coop off the ground.

THIS IS NOT A TEST. Tell your friends. Spread the word. Talk us up at church, school, or anywhere else you can.


Clarification on CTFC First Order Cycle Date
Posted: Monday August 14th, 2006


Recent visitors to the CTFC website may have noticed an announcement there that 12 August 2006 was the date of the coop's first order distribution.

That announcement is not accurate. The first order distribution has been rescheduled. The new delivery date is Saturday, 23 September.

Ordering for this distribution will open on Saturday, 09 September, and all orders must be placed by Saturday, 16 September.

My apologies on behalf of the CTFC officers for any confusion this may have caused. Please check the CTFC website,, on 09 September to see what products are available for our first order cycle.

Many thanks!
Wylie Harris,
President, CTFC


Web/Software Assistance Sought for CTFC
Posted: Monday August 14th, 2006

As regular readers of the CTFC Yahoo! discussion group are probably aware, the person who has handled the lion's share of CTFC's web and software development work to date, Martin Wallace, has recently relocated out of state.

While he is continuing to support CTFC from his new location, this is only a temporary arrangement, and we urgently need a new internet and software maven to step up to the plate as soon as possible. Martin is willing to work with this person (remotely) to ensure that the transition goes smoothly.

This person would need to have skills in using PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS.

If you are reading this, and are capable of doing this job, or know someone else who is, please come forward. CTFC needs your help!

Many thanks,
Wylie Harris,
Pesident, CTFC


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